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Chic Chevrons for Lethbridge Homes

May 27, 2016

flooring design ideas with the chevron and herringbone pattern
In 17th century France, chevron patterns emerged as a favourite in flooring styles for royal families and nobility. Several centuries later, this timeless classic is still a strong favourite in everything from strikingly bold designs to softer impressions that appear to change the sizes of rooms with their artful layouts. Use some of the following for inspiration how to incorporate classic or nouveau chic chevrons for your Lethbridge home. Read More

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Makes a Grand Entrance

May 27, 2016

entryway and foyer flooring options include hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, linoleum, and luxury vinyl tile and plank
Choosing a flooring type for the entrance to your Lethbridge home poses several challenges. With the wide range of weather, there is always some type of dirt being tracked in on boots or shoes, things get dropped as you scramble to get everyone out the door for their various activities and there's no peace to be found when people are coming in and going out. Wood or tile look great, but aren't likely to last under such heavy use so how can you have an entrance that looks great and handles major traffic? Luxury vinyl plank flooring can make a grand entrance for your Lethbridge home and solve all of these problems.  Read More